Skill Level 3

Average skills needed and a good knowledge of rocketry. Second tier of more advanced kits. Multiple Laser Cut Balsa Fins.

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  • Black Brant II

    The Black Brant series represents the most successful group of sounding rockets ever launched! This advanced 1:13 scale model rocket is a replica of the primary […]

  • 10056

    Custom Rockets Landviper Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Three engine cluster kit! Impressive flights with this kit. Features blow-molded plastic nose cone, six die-cut balsa fins, and big 18″ parachute recovery. […]

  • 10054

    Custom Rockets Nomad Model Rocket

    Deep space satellite camera. Vac-u-form plastic nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, and 12″ parachute. Self-adhesive decal sheet and quick-release engine mount. Flies over 750 feet. Length: […]

  • 10043

    Custom Rockets P.O.N.G. Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 The ninth galaxy is protected by a fleet of these craft. Protectors Of Ninth Galaxy or P.O.N.G for short, is well detailed. You […]

  • 10044

    Custom Rockets S.L.V. Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Scale-like super detailed kit. Vehicles such as this are used to launch satellites and payloads into orbit. Our model uses six fins, two […]

  • 70024

    Custom Rockets Skill Level 3 Assorted Model Rocket Bulk Pack

    Custom Skill Level 3 Assorted Model Rocket Bulk Pack (4 each of the following three rockets listed below) ————————————————— Custom P.O.N.G. (#10043) The P.O.N.G. model rocket […]

  • 7257

    Estes Airborne Surveillance Missile Model Rocket

    Mini engine powered but WOW, will this rocket go high! 375 feet! Tiny but mighty, the Airborne Surveillance Missile in making its reintroduction from years gone […]

  • 7245

    Estes Comanche-3 Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Back by popular demand and a new color scheme! The Comanche-3 has always been a crowd pleaser and this time around is no […]

  • 7225

    Estes Extreme 12 Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Length: 46.4 in (117.8 cm) Diameter: 1.64 in (42 mm) Estimated Weight: 7.1 oz (201.3 g) Projected Max Altitude: 1900 ft (579 m) […]

  • 7263

    Estes Hex-3 Model Rocket

    Definitely a 1st for Estes, the Hex-3 is going to challenge your building skills just a bit! While it might be small, don’t be fooled! UNIQUE […]

  • Estes Little Joe 1 Model Rocket

    The Little Joe booster was the first rocket designed solely for manned spacecraft qualifications and to measure critical parameters at higher altitudes. The Estes 1/34th scale […]

  • 1921

    Estes Mercury Redstone Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Ready for a skill level 3 kit that’s back by popular demand? Look no further as the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury Redstone has […]

  • Estes Multi-Roc Model Rocket

    6 ways to fly!! The Estes Multi-Roc is a 2 stage rocket that also features a glider recovery!

  • 2126

    Estes Tech-Pak Bulk Pack Rockets (12 Pack)

    Skill Level 3 Build your own rocket using authentic Estes components. Requires that the student manufactures his own body tube using materials provided. This rocket can […]

  • Green Eggs

    Green Eggs

    This is the Estes Green Eggs rocket. Put rocket building and launching skills to the test with the Green Eggs Bulk Pack. A crowd-pleasing STEM activity kit for launch parties and science projects, this bulk pack comes with 12 rockets. Each kit includes its own set of instructions.

    A perfect science activity for both kids and adults, the Green Egg payload rocket includes a plastic payload section to carry its fragile cargo, a raw egg. The lightly tinted green payload section is transparent so rocketeers can see how their eggstronaunt is handing the flight. Educators, youth group leaders and rocket launch party hosts will love creating an ‘egg-static’ experience as rocketeers work towards making sure their precious cargo returns safely home.

    Required to build:

    Sand block
    Carpenters glue
    Hobby knife
    Masking tape
    Clear tape
    Primer (white)
    Paint (green, white)
    Clear coat (optional)
    Construction and finishing supplies (not included)
    Required to launch (sold separately):

    Estes Porta-Pad II launch pad with launch controller
    3/16 in. (5mm) Maxi launch rod
    Estes model rocket engines (see additional information for recommended size)
    Recovery wadding
    Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries (not included)
    Recommended Engines:

    With Egg:
    Without egg:
    Length: 23.6in
    Diameter: 1.8in
    Estimated Weight: 3.50oz
    Estimated Assembly Time: 2 Hours ( painting and glue drying time not included)
    Fin Materials: Laser Cut Wood
    Launch System: Porta Pad II and Electron Beam Launch Controller


    The Orange Bullet will be the first release in the brand new Estes Designer Signature Series. This series will re-introduce lesser known classics and launch never-before […]

  • qa5010

    Quest Big Dog Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Recommended Motors: D12-3, D12-5, E9-4, E9-6 – Aerotech E20-4W, E20-7W, F32-6W, F20-7W (Engines Sold Separately). Weight: 5.8 oz. Recovery: 18″ Fabric Parachute Fin […]

  • 3008

    Quest Harpoon Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Recommended Motors: B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 (Engines Sold Separately) Weight: 10 oz. Recovery: Parachute Fin Type: Balsa Length: 20.5″ Diameter: 1.57″ Altitude (Est. Max.): […]

  • qa5012

    Quest High Q Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Recommended Engines: D12-3, D12-5, E9-4, E9-6, E20-4W, E20-7W, F32-6W, F20-7W (Engines Sold Separately) Specifications: Weight: 5.8 oz. Recovery: Fabric Parachute Fin Type: Balsa […]

  • qa5014

    Quest Lil Grunt Model Rocket

    Skill Level 3 Recommended Engines: D12-3, D12-5 (Engines Sold Separately) Specifications: Weight: 3.7 oz. Recovery: 36″ Fabric Streamer Fin Type: Balsa Length: 17″ Diameter: 1.97″ Altitude […]

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