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  • 23065

    Custom Rockets 1/4″ x 48″ Shock Cord

    1/4″ x 48″ (10mm x 19cm) shock cord. The shock cord is what is used to tie the nose cone to the body of the rocket, […]

  • 23065

    Custom Rockets 1/8″ x 15″ Shock Cords 10pcs

    1/8″ x 15″ shock cord. Includes 10 pieces. 10 pieces per pack.

  • 23086

    Custom Rockets BH-50 Balsa Bulkhead

    Custom Rockets BH-50 Balsa Bulkhead – Balsa bulk head or nose block. Used to make payload sections or seal off a tube. Fits BT-50 size tubes […]

  • 23087

    Custom Rockets PA-50 Payload Adapter

    Plastic payload adapter for use with BT-50 size tubes or Custom Rockets PT-50 Payload Tube Requires Custom Rocketry Screw Eye

  • 23126

    Custom Rockets PT-50 Payload Tube

    Custom PT-50 Payload Tube – Translucent red plastic payload tube used with Custom Rocketry PA-50 Payload Adaptor CR-23125 or Custom Rocketry BH-50 Balsa Bulkhead CR-23086 Length: […]

  • 23115

    Custom Rockets Small Screw Eye (5 Pieces)

    Screw eyes small size for attaching shroud lines and shock cord to a nose cone or bulk head. 5 per bag

  • 2246

    Estes Altimeter

    Fully Assembled A must have for all rocketeers! And a great price too. The Estes Altimeter has a 4 digit LCD read out and displays in […]

  • 2241

    Estes Blast Deflector Plate

    Replaces that worn-out deflector.

  • Estes PS II Shock Cord

    3 shock cords, cut to length Ready to use An ideal shock cord for bigger rockets

  • 2278

    Estes Shock Cords & Mount Pack

    Contains two 1/8″ x 18″ (3 x 450 mm), and one 1/4″ x 36″ (6 mm x 910 mm) elastic shock cords (enough for four shock […]

  • 2814

    Estes Teacher/Youth Leader Guide

    Introduces you to Estes’ rocket technology, safety and launch day operation techniques. Plus, background on Estes Industries and the complete services offered in the Estes educational […]

  • 302315

    Estes Tube Cutting Guides

    Heavy duty plastic guides slip easily onto your body and allows for precision cuts for specific lengths. 5 guide sets are included. BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55 […]

  • 2227

    Estes Tube Marking Guide

    The Tube Marking Guide is an easy way to mark fin and launch lug placement lines. Fits all current Estes body tubes. Marks 3 fin and […]

  • 302231

    Fin Alignment Guide

    Fin marking guide for BT-5, BT-20,. BT 50, BT-55 & BT-60 body tubes. Guide lines can be also be used to help align fins.


    Take learning to new heights with this low-cost technology solution for tracking model rocket altitude. These small, easy to transport altitude tracking devices allow for students to track flight data, analyze and graph! Coming in a 3 pack, this makes it easier on your wallet so you can provide engaging learning opportunities for your students.

    Need a savior from a boring classroom, but want to keep it educational? Introduce the Mini AltiTrak to your rocketry activity to engage students in the engineering process. It’s not just about data collection and analysis, but about having the tools and resources to understand what is truly happening when the rocket flies through the air.

    The Mini AltiTrak uses a gravity protractor to present the angle from your body to the apogee of your rocket flight. With the distance from the launchpad to your body, use simple geometry to calculate the height of your rocket flight, then challenge your students to engineer solutions to optimize their rocket’s altitude!

  • qa7816

    Quest 4″ Blast Plate

    4.0″ round, .035″ thick, non-rust blast plate with 0.25″ center hole.

  • 7323

    Quest Water Rocket Replacement Bumper

    SAFE, RELIABLE Recovery! This foam “donut” acts as a bumper to protect the front of your PET bottle against landings on hard surfaces. Part of the […]

  • 7322

    Quest Water Rocket Replacement Fin Set

    Engineered for a perfect fit – and perfect alignment! These rigid foam fins are die-cut from a unique rigid foam material that is super light weight, […]

  • 7321

    Quest Water Rocket Replacement Nozzle

    The “secret” component that creates performance “Engineered to amaze you!” No other water rocket you can buy has a unique molded nozzle like this. The nozzle […]

  • 2228

    Ultimate Tube Marking Guide

    A guide to help with the toughest of measurements.

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