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    Estes Quinstar Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 When a “unique recovery” rocket like this hits the market, the crowd goes wild! And this is a crowd pleaser for sure! Quin, […]

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    Estes Rascal/Hijinks Model Rocket Launch Set

    Skill Level RTF Two Rockets Ready to Fly right out of the box. Includes complete launch system, and the Rocketeer’s guide to model rocketry. Glue, building […]

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    Estes Red Nova Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 D Engine powered and a great four fin design rocket! The Red Nova stands 21.6 inches tall and can reach an altitude of […]

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    Estes Regular Engine Mount Kit

    Fits BT-50, 55, 56 & 60 tubes. Can be used to make a conversion mount for lightweight D powered rockets.

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    Estes Riptide Model Rocket Launch Set

    Skill Level E2X The Estes Riptide Launch Set contains almost everything you need for hours of high flying fun The exciting Riptide stands 18 inches tall. […]

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    Estes Rocket Recovery Wadding

    Flame resistant wadding to protect your recovery system. Required in most Estes rockets. Contains 75 sheets – enough for about 18-25 flights!

  • Estes Rocket Science Model Rocket Starter Set

    Skill Level E2X Discover how you can have FUN with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)! Build the “Rocket Science” model rocket, launch with one of […]

  • 1954

    Estes Rockets 1954 Red Flare Model Rocket

    Estes Rockets 1954
    Something just a little different from ESTES – the Red Flare has a 2.6″ diameter body tube and requires no paint! Being E2X means ALL the parts are pre-colored which means you spend less time building and finishing and more time for flying!


    • E2X – Easy to Assemble
    • Plastic fins, self-stick decals, 18 in. (46 cm) parachute recovery
    • Recommended Engines: D12-5 (First Flight), *E9-4, *E9-6
    • *Requires Estes E? Launch Controller, when launching E Engines – sold separately.


    • Length – 24.4 in. (62 cm)
    • Diameter – 2.6 in. (66 mm)
    • Estimated Weight – 6.5 oz (184.3 g)
    • Projected Max Altitude – 1000 ft. (305 m)
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    Estes Rockets BT-5 – BT55 Centering Rings

    Includes 26 Centering Rings in 5 different sizes. BT5, BT20, BT50 and BT55. Perfect for making your own engine mounts! Technical Specifications: 26 Centering Rings 8 […]

  • Estes Rookie

    This is the Rookie ARF Flying Model Rocket by Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12. Skill Level ARF […]

  • Estes Saturn V (1:200 Scale) Ready to Fly

    The Estes limited production and commemorative 1:200 scale Apollo II Saturn V model is almost 2 feet tall and comes fully assembled with many scale details […]

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    Estes Savage Model Rocket

    E2X – Easy to Assemble Single or 2-stage, the Savage can reach amazing heights up to 1600 feet! Standing 31.75 inches tall, this rocket is impressive […]

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    Estes Shock Cords & Mount Pack

    Contains two 1/8″ x 18″ (3 x 450 mm), and one 1/4″ x 36″ (6 mm x 910 mm) elastic shock cords (enough for four shock […]

  • 007239

    Estes Sky Warrior Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 Take to the skies with the Sky Warrior and watch this rocket climb over 800 feet when launched on a C6-5 engine. Three […]

  • 2305

    Estes Sonic Igniters (4 Pack)

    This is a great igniter for small composite motors that have small nozzles, like the D10, D21, E6, F10. It has thin wire and a small […]

  • 7265-estes-space-crater-model-rocket

    Estes Space Crater Model Rocket

    Have you wanted to “crate” an egg into space but didn’t have a lot of time to build and finish your rocket? If this is you, […]

  • 1795bwh Estes Space Cruiser Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pack)

    Estes Space Cruiser Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pack)

    Entire Package is Skill Level E2X

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    Estes Space Twister Model Rocket

    Skill Level 1 Take to the skies with the Space Twister and watch this rocket climb 900 feet when launched on a C6-5 engine. Unique fins […]

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    Estes Star Trooper Model Rocket (Classic Series)

    Skill Level 1 This design for this model has been pulled from the archives and updated to retain a its classic look with improved performance. This […]

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    Estes Super Neon Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 Tubes, tubes and more tubes! In all you have six side body tubes and the main body tube! Standing at 22.3 inches tall, […]

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