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  • 3031

    Estes Star Trooper Model Rocket (Classic Series)

    Skill Level 1 This design for this model has been pulled from the archives and updated to retain a its classic look with improved performance. This […]

  • 9719 super big bertha

    Estes Super Big Bertha Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 The Pro Series II line just got a new member! Meet the Super Big Bertha, featuring a BT80 (2.6 in/66 mm) diameter body […]

  • 2050

    Estes Super Neon Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 The new Super Neon kit has been retrofitted with the latest parts designs. Its laser cut balsa fins, injection molded plastic and Estes […]

  • 7242

    Estes Super Neon Model Rocket

    Skill Level 2 Tubes, tubes and more tubes! In all you have six side body tubes and the main body tube! Standing at 22.3 inches tall, […]

  • 1469

    Estes Tandem-X Model Rocket Launch Set

    Skill Level 1 The Estes Tandem-X Launch Set consists of two model rockets: the Crossfire ISX that is able to achieve over 1,200 feet maximum altitude, […]

  • 2814

    Estes Teacher/Youth Leader Guide

    Introduces you to Estes’ rocket technology, safety and launch day operation techniques. Plus, background on Estes Industries and the complete services offered in the Estes educational […]

  • 2126

    Estes Tech-Pak Bulk Pack Rockets (12 Pack)

    Skill Level 3 Build your own rocket using authentic Estes components. Requires that the student manufactures his own body tube using materials provided. This rocket can […]

  • 302315

    Estes Tube Cutting Guides

    Heavy duty plastic guides slip easily onto your body and allows for precision cuts for specific lengths. 5 guide sets are included. BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55 […]

  • 2227

    Estes Tube Marking Guide

    The Tube Marking Guide is an easy way to mark fin and launch lug placement lines. Fits all current Estes body tubes. Marks 3 fin and […]

  • 7250

    Estes Twin Factor Model Rocket

    Twin Factor, as in “twin” rockets” That’s right, you get two rockets not just one! Launch them together or launch the upper stage by itself! Mini […]

  • 1793-UP-Aerospace-SpaceLoft-Bulk-Pack

    Estes UP Aerospace Space Loft Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pack)

    E2X – Easy to Assemble Build and launch a REAL rocket with your students! The SpaceLoft is the first private rocket to launch at New Mexico’s […]

  • 2056

    Estes US Army Patriot M-104 Model Rocket

    Skill Level 1 Kit This classic model rocket emulates the U.S. Army’s M-104 surface-to-air missile. It is designed to obtain heights of up to 600 feet. […]

  • 1949

    Estes Viking Model Rocket

    Skill Level 1 This spectacular rocket is capable of 48 different fin configurations. Features self-adhesive decals and streamer recovery. Features: Recovery: Streamer Fins: Die cut card […]

  • 1755

    Estes Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Pack)

    Skill Level 1 The Viking Model Rocket is an impressive rocket which allows for 48 possible fin configurations. It can reach an amazing altitude of 1470 […]

  • 1292

    Estes Wizard Model Rocket

    Skill Level 1 This high performance kit has die cut balsa fins and self-adhesive decals and a bright streamer recovery system for soft, low-impact landings. Features: […]

  • 1754

    Estes Wizard Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Pack)

    Skill Level 1 The Estes Wizard model rocket is an easy-to-build kit. it is designed to reach stunning altitudes of 1500 feet. Die cut balsa fins […]

  • 1381

    Estes Yankee Model Rocket

    Skill Level 1 This All-American rocket obtains altitudes of up to 1400 feet. Its self-adhesive decals give a patriotic red, white and blue look. Features: Recovery: […]

  • 1759

    Estes Yankee Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pack)

    Skill Level 1 The Estes Yankee model rocket will reach altitudes of 1400 feet. It comes with patriotic red, white and blue self-adhesive decals. Length: 11″ […]

  • 302231

    Fin Alignment Guide

    Fin marking guide for BT-5, BT-20,. BT 50, BT-55 & BT-60 body tubes. Guide lines can be also be used to help align fins.

  • Green Eggs

    Green Eggs

    This is the Estes Green Eggs rocket. Put rocket building and launching skills to the test with the Green Eggs Bulk Pack. A crowd-pleasing STEM activity kit for launch parties and science projects, this bulk pack comes with 12 rockets. Each kit includes its own set of instructions.

    A perfect science activity for both kids and adults, the Green Egg payload rocket includes a plastic payload section to carry its fragile cargo, a raw egg. The lightly tinted green payload section is transparent so rocketeers can see how their eggstronaunt is handing the flight. Educators, youth group leaders and rocket launch party hosts will love creating an ‘egg-static’ experience as rocketeers work towards making sure their precious cargo returns safely home.

    Required to build:

    Sand block
    Carpenters glue
    Hobby knife
    Masking tape
    Clear tape
    Primer (white)
    Paint (green, white)
    Clear coat (optional)
    Construction and finishing supplies (not included)
    Required to launch (sold separately):

    Estes Porta-Pad II launch pad with launch controller
    3/16 in. (5mm) Maxi launch rod
    Estes model rocket engines (see additional information for recommended size)
    Recovery wadding
    Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries (not included)
    Recommended Engines:

    With Egg:
    Without egg:
    Length: 23.6in
    Diameter: 1.8in
    Estimated Weight: 3.50oz
    Estimated Assembly Time: 2 Hours ( painting and glue drying time not included)
    Fin Materials: Laser Cut Wood
    Launch System: Porta Pad II and Electron Beam Launch Controller

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