Skill Level 2

First tier of more advanced kits. Skill Level 2 takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to construct. Skill level 2 also includes Lazer Cut Balsa Fins.


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Aztec Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 The Aztec is a two stage rocket that features a durable injection molded plasti..
Custom Rockets Assorted Bulk Pack (12 Pack)
Skill Level 2 4 Each of #10028 Ion Pulsar, #10052 Solar Explorer & #10053 M320 - Engines ..
The Elite Egg lofter kit can launch any size raw egg and recover it without breaking it. It inclu..
Estes Astron Elliptic II Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 Specifications: Length 23.3 in. Diameter .74 in. Estimated Weight 1 oz. ..
Estes Astron Sprint XL Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 As a tribute to the late great Estes model rocket designer, Mike Dorffler..
Estes Blenders Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 A straight forward build that is as much fun to build as it is to watch f..
Estes Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 This scale version of the USAF AGM-12D Bull Pup has a plastic tail cone and imp..
Estes CC Express Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 The CC Express is a two-stage rocket that launches up to 1790 feet. It can also..
Estes Centuri Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 A multi-finned misssle powered by standard engines, the Centuri can reach..
Estes Color the Sky Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Pack)
E2X - Easy to Assemble The collection is now complete and available for purchase in on..
Estes Crossbow SST
Skill Level 2 If you love the Satellite Interceptor then the Crossbow SST is just the r..
Estes Dark Zero Model Rocket
E2X- Easy to Assemble   A couple of hours of your time and you're off to the flying ..
Estes Eggscalibur Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 Includes adapters to launch with Estes B, C, D, or E model rocket engines. Requ..
Estes EPM-010 Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 Length: 35.25 in. (89.5 cm) Diameter: .98 in. (25 mm) Estimated Weight: 2.4..
Estes Firebolt
E2X - Easy to Assemble Super bright in the sky and what a sight it is as the Fir..
Estes Fletcher Mini Model Rocket Kit
Skill Level 2 Features: The Fletcher is capable of achieving launch heights of over 325 fe..
Estes Hi-Flier XL Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 The name says it all! A sleek sport rocket standing over 30 inches tall, ..
Estes Humdinger Model Rocket
E2X - Easy to Assemble Who says fun doesn't come in small packages! The Humdinger, a mi..
Estes Hyper Bat Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 Features: The Hyper Bat is a 2-stage sport rocket which stands over 20" tall. I..
Estes JBR-013 Model Rocket
Skill Level 2 Laser cut wood fins that have to be carefully assembled will make you pro..
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SAFETY FIRST! Model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 to adult. Adult supervision suggested for those under 12 years of age when flying model rockets.
Must be 14 years of age to purchase "A" through "C" type model rocket motors in CA, NJ, and RI. Must be 18 years of age to purchase "D" and "E" size engines.