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1/4" x 48" Shock Cord
1/4" x 48" (10mm x 19cm) shock cord. The shock cord is what is used to tie the nose cone to t..
1/8" Two-Piece Launch Rod
Replacement launch rod; ideal for most rockets. ..
12" Parachute
Colorful assembled parachute. 12 inches. ..
13mm/18mm Engine Adapter
Adapts a 13mm Estes mini series to fit inside an 18mm standard size engine mount. Assembly requir..
14" Recovery Parahchute
A bright yellow and red LDP parachute emblazoned with the Quest logo. Comes with Tyvek gripper ta..
18" Parachute
Colorful assembled parachute. 18 inches. ..
24" Parachute
24" colorful assembled parachute. ..
24" Parachute - Nylon
24 in. (61 cm) nylon parachute designed for our bigger rockets, the Pro Series II. Made of high q..
29mm Motor Retainer Set
29mm Motor Retainer Set. ..
3/16" Two-Piece Maxi Launch Rod
Launch rod with extra strength and stiffness for larger rockets. ..
4" Blast Plate
4.0" round, .035" thick, non-rust blast plate with 0.25" center hole. ..
6" parachute
This 6 in. (15.2 cm) parachute is preassembled and ready to use on model rockets that require a s..
AltiTrak Altitude Tracker
How high did it really go? Next time, measure it with this easy to use device. Follow the rocket ..
BC-20 Balsa Nose Cone
This balsa nose cone fits BT-20 size tubes. Shoulder Diameter: .708in Shoulder Length: .50..
BH-50 Balsa Bulkhead
Custom Rockets BH-50 Balsa Bulkhead - Balsa bulk head or nose block. Used to make payload section..
Blast Deflector Plate
Replaces that worn-out deflector. ..
BT-20 18" Body Tube (1 Piece)
18" long spiral wound tube. I.D. 0.710" O.D. 0.736" Wall Thickness 0.013" Weight 0.288..
BT-20 Body Tube (4 Pack)
High quality spiral wound paper tubes. Use tube couplers to connect tubes of the same diameter. ..
BT-5 - BT55 Centering Rings
Includes 26 Centering Rings in 5 different sizes. BT5, BT20, BT50 and BT55. Perfect for making yo..
BT-5 18" Body Tube (1 Piece)
18" long spiral wound tube. I.D. 0.515" O.D. 0.541" Wall Thickness 0.013" Weight 0.219..
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SAFETY FIRST! Model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 to adult. Adult supervision suggested for those under 12 years of age when flying model rockets.
Must be 14 years of age to purchase "A" through "C" type model rocket motors in CA, NJ, and RI. Must be 18 years of age to purchase "D" and "E" size engines.