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1/8" Two-Piece Launch Rod
Replacement launch rod; ideal for most rockets. ..
3/16" Two-Piece Maxi Launch Rod
Launch rod with extra strength and stiffness for larger rockets. ..
AltiTrak Altitude Tracker
How high did it really go? Next time, measure it with this easy to use device. Follow the rocket ..
Complete Launch System
This package contains the Quest Lift Off Launch Pad and the Quest Controller for a great savings ..
E Launch Controller
Use this controller to launch "E" engine powered rockets. Comes complete with safety key and 30 f..
Electron Beam Launch Controller
Launch controller comes complete with safety key, continuity light, push button launch button, 17..
Estes Booster 55 Stager
Designed for use with the 2257 BT55 Booster accessory. Great for a replacement should yo..
Estes Booster 60 Stager
Designed for use with the 2256 BT60 Booster accessory. Great for a replacement should yo..
Estes Pro Series II Launch Controller
At last! A brand new launch controller has arrived at Estes! Powered by 6 'C' alkaline batteries ..
External Battery Connector (EBC)
The Quest External Battery Connector (EBC) is an excellent resource for larger group launches. Th..
Launch Rod Set
35" total length. Two pieces, electro-plate (rust proof). ..
Lift Off Launch Pad
The Quest Lift Off Model Rocket Launch Pad features a 36 inch two-piece launch rod, blast deflect..
Micro Roc Complete Launch System
Newly re-designed to use the Micro Maxx Q2 igniters. Features large sturdy tripod, movable launch..
Porta-Pack E Launch Pad
Use this launch pad to launch "E" engine powered rockets. Quick assembly - no glue or tools requi..
Porta-Pack II Launch Pad
Sturdy, plastic tripod design with tilt adjustment (up to 30 from vertical). Easy to set up and t..
Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller
The Launch Pad comes complete with blast deflector, standoff stem, two-piece 1/8 in. launch rod a..
Pro Series II Launch Base
The finest launch base to hit the market! Big and sturdy, this is the perfect launch base for..
Skyscope Altitude Measurer
Quest Skyscope Altitude Measurer 2 Pack - For the first time teachers and group leaders (anyone w..
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SAFETY FIRST! Model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 to adult. Adult supervision suggested for those under 12 years of age when flying model rockets.
Must be 14 years of age to purchase "A" through "C" type model rocket motors in CA, NJ, and RI. Must be 18 years of age to purchase "D" and "E" size engines.